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" soft care for bright future "
We aim to give each student a place in our school. Community through our extensive enrichment physical, mentaly, spiritualy and through extra curicular activities. The school gives emphasis to the careful development of upright citizens and a perfect gentleman and prepares the young for survies and responsibility in national life enabling them to faster deep attachment to our caltural heritage.
An homely environment and motherly affection to the tiny tots.

AGE: 18 - 30 Months
SIZE: 20 Seats
Proper performance of behaviour, The perfect class for your child with the best staff and best teachers.
AGE: 3 - 4 Year
SIZE: 20 Seats
Development of ability to keep the mind in the task in the hand and many skills that will be useful through the life.
AGE: 4 - 5 year
SIZE: 20 Seats